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Sling Cargo rating training – Click here to see pictures

Posted April 17th, 2018
While busy transporting cargo for our client we teaching as well how to manoeuvre helicopters, today Louis Marais is getting trained by John Huddlestone in order to get his Sling cargo rating!30706346_1752589198120550_6706585033202728960_o 30709610_1752589418120528_2703183142574882816_o 30711884_1752589591453844_5649499006477271040_o 30713425_1752589214787215_8393795100722855936_o 30725607_1752589558120514_4248777207654121472_o 30726640_1752589608120509_5056399988955807744_o 30728634_1752589501453853_3235635800242651136_o 30729047_1752589204787216_6894478161501749248_o 30729920_1752589701453833_1241791507606798336_o

German tourists on a tour with us ;) click to see photos

Posted April 16th, 2018
IMG_5111 IMG_5112 IMG_5113 IMG_5114 IMG_5115 IMG_5116 IMG_5117 IMG_5118 IMG_5122 IMG_5123 IMG_5130 IMG_5132

Testimonial Andrew K (NPL student)

Posted April 16th, 2018
Dear John,

I just have to say a such massive THANK YOU for you always going above and beyond what normal people would do to always assist and make a plan to get me further. No matter what you are always willing to help and sacrifice your own time and money to further others. You are a group of far and few between people on this earth and I really appreciate all your help to get me where I am today.


Andrew K

When finnish come to South Africa for an helicopter tour :)

Posted April 12th, 2018
Finnish tourists came to us for a 50 mins tour overhead Addo and the coast line!

IMG_5077 IMG_5085 IMG_5086

Congratulations to Edgar Nawdish on getting is Game rating (cull/capture) on Sunday 08th of April 2018

Posted April 11th, 2018
We train pilots, we do charter, and we do wild life!
That amazing leopard was causing some troubles on a farm in Kouga Dam, we needed to recapture it using an helicopter to moved it to Addo so there we were! Great experience for a rating well done Edgar!cheetah rating

cheetah1 cheetah2 cheetah3 cheetah4 cheetah5

Congratulations to Rasheed Desai for going solo on ZS-RCY on the 8th of April 2018

Posted April 11th, 2018
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Event – 31 March 2018

Posted March 22nd, 2018
Saturday 31 March 2018!!! SAVE THE DATE
We will have Heli Flips at the SAAF Museum Open day where they are hosting the SA National Scale Modellers Competition.
There will be Fast Cars, Food Stalls, Beer Garden, Vintage Aircraft, Bikes and lots more!

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-14 at 12.45.52


Posted March 19th, 2018
I started my aviation journey with Helicopter Charter and training on the 1st of November 2017, and what an incredible journey it has been. I trained full time on the Savannah S, a light sport fixed wing aircraft. The plane is very basic and has very limited equipment, because of the limited amount of space, but I believe that’s why it is a fantastic training platform.

It builds a good foundation, because it teaches you to fly with your eyes outside the cockpit. The best aspect of the plane, by far, is its ability to handle strong crosswinds. John did a very good job to teach me from the start that bad weather makes good pilots, so it would usually be the case that we would be flying when the rest of the guys headed home, due to bad weather.

The experience at the flight school was special, because John and the rest of the staff would always go the extra mile to help you out. If the weather was bad during normal office hours, or by bad luck the airport was closed for training due to grass cutting, we would be flying at the crack of dawn before it got bad, or in the afternoons when everyone left. If I had questions before exams Kelvin and Robert would always be more than willing to help. And then there is Lourinda. The friendliest person you will ever meet. I think she can be a female version of Ice Man from Top Gun, because she is always calm under pressure.

I am very thankful for the start Helicopter Charter and Training gave me, because they gave me a good foundation to build on. The safe environment meant I could make mistakes, as student pilots do, without ever having any doubt of safety. Doing the NPL first also meant that I saved a considerable amount of money towards my PPL, which I could re-invest towards my CPL, and that helps a lot. I would definitely recommend this approach to anyone interested to become a pilot, but finds the cost of training to be an obstacle.

Thank You Helicopter Charter and Training, I will always be grateful for the opportunity!

Pieter Visser



Pieter Visser


Posted July 27th, 2017
!!!WARNING!!!  Please do not open any PROOF OF PAYMENT sent to you using our Company Details as a Signature because there is a possibility that it is a scam or virus published by some unknown person. This person/Virus has recently been using our Company details to send fake proof of payment notices through out the world. For your Computer’s safety and our Company’s reputation PLEASE ignore any proof of payment email, SMS etc… sent to you until further notice.

Thank you for your cooperation

Congratulations Duan Lombard for going solo on ZS-RCY on the 9 May 2017

Posted May 11th, 2017
After having fought so hard and cleared all his PPL exams first, Duan has had to balance between working and flying. He started his first flight on the 11th April 2017 and has Managed to go solo with 13.5 hours on the  9th May 2017. Helicopter Charter and Training and staff wish him a great success in the flying career and encourage him to keep pushing hard as we fly with him through his training.Duan Lombard.

Helicopter Rides Easter Special @Something Good

Posted April 13th, 2017
Something Good April

Congratulations to Paul Marais who went SOLO in ZS-RLU on the 31st of March 2017.

Posted April 6th, 2017
IMG_0068 IMG_0345 IMG_0346

Wings & Wheels Air Show

Posted April 6th, 2017
Helicopter Charter And Training was live in action at the Wings & Wheels Air Show that was held in Uitenhage on Saturday the 1st of April 2017.

Valentines Day Helicopter Rides

Posted February 3rd, 2017
Psychologist says that people often forget what products you gave them in a few months. However most also state that people tend not to forget gift experiences they received.Spoil your loved one this Valentines Day and take him or her on a romantic scenic flight around the Port Elizabeth coast. Valentines Day is the perfect occasion to share a once in a lifetime experience with the one you love. We have a Valentines Special of R1 800 for two people for 15 minutes (cash price). This includes a glass of champagne each and a rose for her. We will also personalise your experience if you have specific requests for the flight. Call or email us to book! This special is valid for the 14th February only.

T’s & C’s apply

Low Cost Hour Building

Posted June 30th, 2016
We are offering hour building at an affordable rate of R890/hr excl Vat in Port Elizabeth. We have a Skyranger aircraft which has been certified for CPL hour building .All you’d need to do is the conversion and start building hours. Email or call 0415077343 for more info